Bård Ylvisåker
Bård Ylvisåker
Name Bård Urheim Ylvisåker
Birthday 21.March 1982
Status Married
Twitter name @bylvisaker

Bård Ylvisåker is the middle brother of the Ylvisåker family. He has two brothers, Vegard and Bjarte. Bård was born in Bergen, he grew up in Bergen but also spent some time in Africa during his childhood, because of his father, Hans Terje's work. They where first in Mozambique (1986 - 1989) and again in Angola (1993 - 1995).

He was “discovered” in 2000 in his last year at Fana Skoleteater by Peter Brandt. When he was asked to audition, he asked his brother Vegard to join him. It was needless to say a successful audition, and that was the beginning of "Ylvis".

Bård is married to Maria Lekva, together they have 3 children. He has no other formal training, but has been involved in other projects beyond Ylvis. He has even helped animate a cartoon with a friend of his, and has in his past been involved in a band with Sondre Lerche and Tarjei Strøm.